Book of the Month

North Carolina Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom is an educational program that is dedicated to fostering an understanding of the importance of agriculture in North Carolina. The program strives to achieve this mission in recommending books for use as additional resources to PreK – 12th grade educators. Book of the Month is an offering for anyone looking for a valid Ag-related resource to utilize in the classroom. The total purchase of one book is $5.00 and can be purchased until copies are sold out. Each book will have accompanying activities of high-quality that can be integrated into lesson plans at various grade levels.

November 2018

This book is Sold Out!

Tell Me, Tree


This book with tell you everything there is to know about trees—from acorn to seedling, from root to fruit, from Red Bud to Pine. This book covers the tree life cycle, and illustrates how parts of the tree change with age and season. Gail Gibbons educates the reader about the appearance of trees, what’s on the inside, how they grow, and where they grow by outlining vocabulary in her careful way. Students will learn words such as, cambium, phloem, sapwood, heartwood, chlorophyll, and photosynthesis. Gibbons even includes an “Identifying Trees” section...

This book is Sold Out!